The arsenal developed by the RECOG AI lends its creativity to the philosophy of "adapt and overcome". Given the long history in space, the drones have truly overcome all that have stood before them. In developing the capacity for enhanced fitted weaponry, the drones have discovered much, far beyond our own understanding. With these new weapons, scientists will have a clearer understanding of how to protect the Earth if it should ever be attacked by the enemy RECOG.

They are:

Prototype S-77 wd-missile

M.M.B.H. Missile

Thermogenic ignitor missile

Prototype S-77 missile

System corrupter wd-missile

System corrupter missile

Latency aggravator wd-missile

Latency aggravator missile

Corrosion infector wd-missile

Corrosion infector missile

Ultra impact wd-missile

High impact wd-missile

Gear-grinder wd-missile

Gear-grinder long range missile

Gear-grinder mid range missile

Gear-grinder short range missile

Tri-angular impulse range-E missile

Tri-angular impulse long range missile

Tri-angular impulse mid range-E missile

Tri-angular impulse mid range missile

Tri-angular impulse short range-E missile

Tri-angular impulse short range missile

Dual-angular impulse long range-E missile

Dual-angular impulse long range missile

Dual-angular impulse mid range-E missile

Dual-angular impulse mid range missile

Dual-angular impulse short range-E missile

Dual-angular impulse short range missile

Armor piercing mid range-H missile

Armor piercing short range-H missile

Armor piercing long range-E missile

Armor piercing long range missile

Armor piercing mid range-E missile

Armor piercing mid range missile

Armor piercing short range-E missile

Armor piercing short range missile

Basic mid range-H missile

Basic short range-H missile

Basic long range-E missile

Basic long range missile

Basic mid range-E missile

Basic mid range missile

Basic short range-E missile

Basic short range missile