Ultra impact wd-missile


Missile projectile with an extensive high impact radius.


Mass as a collectable: 2281.69

Detailed stats:

Blast damage: 1500

Quantum missile damage: 1000

Missile Range: 9

Blast radius: 4

Armor piercing: 100.00 %

Electronic overload: 30.00 %

Restriction : Tank drone

Restriction : Commander drone

Restriction : Juggernaut drone

Made from:

Assembled missile casing (x1)

Assembled optimized thrusters (x1)

Stabilized binary agent (x4)

Ultra impact wd-warhead (x1)

Total oids and minerals required to build:

Etoid (x14)

Thetoid (x24)

Sahnine (x3)

Suhbiniac (x2)