Utility drone


The Utility drone is a highly advanced machine. Although weak in armor, it makes up for it by way of its versatility and constantly growing knowledge of the ever changing-environment around it. Scientists have spent many years developing its RECOG AI as it was the prototype for the industrial Mainframe, as well as the military's intricate weapons systems.

Automated drone

Industrial class

Detailed stats:

Max HP: 350

Regen HP: 1.00

Thruster speed: 400.00 %

Made from:

Drone defense system (x1)

Utility drone body (x1)

Utility drone AI (x1)

Total oids and minerals required to build:

Alphoid (x1)

Betoid (x1)

Zetoid (x4)

Etoid (x4)

Yetrinium (x1)

Uhritite (x3)