Commander drone


Leader and Rogue. It's designed to control the board. Enhancing and controlling offensive or defensive maneuvers, teleporting others or itself in the heat of battle, or as a plan of escape. The Commander is fitted with missile capabilities, although it is not recommended for it to fight alone.

Automated drone

Military class

Detailed stats:

Max HP: 5000

Regen HP: 75.00

Damage resistance: 10.00 %

Thruster speed: 350.00 %

Laser targets: 5

Laser range: 9.00

Laser rate: 0.60

Laser damage: 35

Missile targets: 1

Missile rate: 3.50

Ammo capacity: 40

XP worth at Military Class IV: 750

XP to reach Military Class III: 1578

XP to reach Military Class II: 3603

XP to reach Military Class I: 5656

Available slot type A: 2

Available slot type B: 3

Available slot type C: 3

Available slot type D: 2

Available slot type E: 1

Available slot type F: 1

Made from:

Drone defense system (x1)

Commander drone body (x1)

Commander override system (x1)

Commander drone AI (x1)

Commander auxiliary AI (x1)

Total oids and minerals required to build:

Alphoid (x1)

Betoid (x1)

Zetoid (x14)

Etoid (x3)

Thetoid (x9)

Yetrinium (x3)

Uhritite (x3)

Pyatcolite (x4)

Lyotribillium (x2)