Using an intricate compounding process developed by a team of experts, mined Oids can be transformed from their original raw state into a vast array of Elements by simply altering the quantities of these Oids.

They are:

Defense flight protocols

Munitions formulas

Engineering power core

Teleportation protocols

pTrans converter

pTrans harvester

pTrans regulator

Insulating bonding agent

Engineering processor

Launch bay mechanics

Utility flight protocols

Synthesizing protocols

Oid composite bonding agent

pTrans collectors

pTrans receptors

Depository power core

Depository processor

Oid bonding agent

High-grade oid frame

B.O.M.S. Warhead specs

B.O.M.S. Hydraulic system

Hi-Heat pressure stabilizers

Thermal pressure system

Thermal pipe system

Thermal temperature gauge

Countermeasure explosive formula

Laser mounting base

Mechanical hydraulic protocol

Quantum teleporter

Teleportation system processor

Teleportation mechanical parts

Teleportation signals receiver

Laser valve regulator

Laser valve resistor

Laser type specifications

Terminal signal receiver

pTrans catalyst

pTrans modulator

Security gateway protocol

Security gateway signal receiver

Gateway/Structural binding agent

Storage capacity amplifier

Protector plates

pTrans energy field

Warhead energy field

Unstable binary Agent

Optimized thrusters

Ammunition casing

B.O.M.S. Systems translator

B.O.M.S. Signals integration

pTrans high powered energy field

B.O.M.S. Plating

Juggernaut energy field amplifier

Juggernaut sys-integration protocol

Commander pTrans booster catalyst

Commander unit control box

Commander sys-integration protocol

Tank sys-integration protocol

Scout sys-integration protocol

Warmachine sys-integration protocol

Defender sys-integration protocol

Shield generator

Drone processor unit

Utility sys-integration protocol

Drone body mold

pTrans unit energy field