Warhead energy field


Oid based, reactionary missile head ammunition emits raw energy from within thereby creating a natural protective barrier around the object it encases.

Industrial part

Mass as a collectable: 1254.27

Made from:

Etoid (x1)

Thetoid (x2)

Used to make:

Prototype S-77 wd-warhead

M.M.B.H. Warhead

Thermogenic ignitor warhead

Prototype S-77 warhead

System corrupter wd-warhead

System corrupter warhead

Latency aggravator wd-warhead

Latency aggravator warhead

Corrosion infector wd-warhead

Corrosion infector warhead

Ultra impact wd-warhead

High impact wd-warhead

Gear-grinder wd-warhead

Gear-grinder long range warhead

Gear-grinder mid range warhead

Gear-grinder short range warhead

Tri-angular impulse range-E warhead

Tri-angular impulse long range warhead

Tri-angular impulse mid range-E warhead

Tri-angular impulse mid range warhead

Tri-angular impulse short range-E warhead

Tri-angular impulse short range warhead

Dual-angular impulse long range-E warhead

Dual-angular impulse long range warhead

Dual-angular impulse mid range-E warhead

Dual-angular impulse mid range warhead

Dual-angular impulse short range-E warhead

Dual-angular impulse short range warhead

Armor piercing mid range-H warhead

Armor piercing short range-H warhead

Armor piercing long range-E warhead

Armor piercing long range warhead

Armor piercing mid range-E warhead

Armor piercing mid range warhead

Armor piercing short range-E warhead

Armor piercing short range warhead

Basic mid range-H warhead

Basic short range-H warhead

Basic long range-E warhead

Basic long range warhead

Basic mid range-E warhead

Basic mid range warhead

Basic short range-E warhead

Basic short range warhead

Stabilized binary agent

Assembled optimized thrusters

Assembled missile casing

Odds to obtain from recycling: 82.80 %