Once the process of component assembly is complete, the newly coded RECOG will be adapted to its body as specified according to the protocols set out, a fully functioning object is ready for use.

They are:

Structural barrier

Reinforced structural barrier

Armored structural barrier

Security gateway

Reinforced security gateway

Armored security gateway

Generator unit

Optimized generator unit

Advanced generator unit

Low generator extension

Medium generator extension

High generator extension

pTrans circuit extension

pTrans full circuit replay

pTrans alternate circuit replay

pTrans split circuit replay


Optimized GATHER unit

Advanced GATHER unit

Storage containment unit


Terminal extension

Split circuit terminal

Timedelay terminal

Duo-pulse terminal

Tri-pulse terminal

Echo circuit terminal

Mechanical displacement unit

Mechanical recoil unit

Mechanical echo unit

Teleportation acquirer unit

Teleportation dispenser unit

Teleportation conveyor belt

Thermal fusion device

Thermal drain

Thermal pump

Elemental depot

Foundry depot

Assembly depot

Reverse engineering depot

Central reprocessing depot

R & D exchange depot

Mainframe depository

Structural barrier depot

Security gateway depot

Generator unit depot

GATHER unit depot

Particle transducer circuit depot

Storage containment depot

Terminal activation depot

Teleportation systems depot

Thermal fusion depot

Utility drone armory

Military drone armory

Munitions depot

Juggernaut armory

B.O.M.S. Missile silo

Laser turret

High velocity laser turret

High range laser turret

High heat laser turret

Dual emission laser turret

Angular impulse laser turret

Countermeasure defence system

Countermeasure trigger defence system