Thermal fusion device


The protocols for the Thermal fusion device were only sent to the outer limits of space many years after the initial mission began. When learning of the enemies' ability to control the laws of physics and the thermal dynamic properties of lava, while using it as a weapon against its opposers, we have since developed our own special RECOG AI. Its capable of manipulating lava with the surface as well as freeze it for the creation of new terrain. This will further allow for the modified natural defenses against the enemy.


Mass as a collectable: 4022.77

Detailed stats:

Hit points: 50

Power use cost: 1500.00

Made from:

pTrans panels (x1)

Thermal pipes (x1)

Thermal protector plates (x1)

Thermal converter (x1)

Thermal activators (x1)

Total oids and minerals required to build:

Alphoid (x4)

Betoid (x11)

Gammoid (x13)

Deltoid (x2)

Epsiloid (x2)

Sahnine (x3)

Pyatcolite (x1)