Thermal drain


Thermal fusion force release constructs are used drain lava from an area. Usage of this tool as well as the Thermal pump can change the dynamic of the war as its usages are endless. Cover yourself by pumping a sea of lava overhead for protection, then drain it out for the retaliation. Rinse-and-repeat.


Mass as a collectable: 2954.66

Detailed stats:

Hit points: 100

Power use cost: 100.00

Made from:

pTrans panels (x1)

Thermal pipes (x1)

Thermal protector plates (x1)

Thermal drain connector (x1)

Total oids and minerals required to build:

Alphoid (x1)

Betoid (x9)

Gammoid (x8)

Deltoid (x2)

Epsiloid (x2)

Uhritite (x1)

Sahnine (x3)