Munitions depot


Forging the weaponry necessary to eradicate our enemy, this Munitions depot is your defensive edge against what is to come. Consider the war lost before it has even begun without this Depot. Producing various types of damage-dealing armaments such as laser guided turrets, capable of self-targeting the enemy, as well as proximity and triggered mines, where you can lay down the welcome mat in the form of a devastating charge before the enemy even has a chance to knock at your door. This Depot is also your sole loading system for missile carrying Units. The formulas developed from this AI, range from standard 'seek-and-destroy missiles', to completely obliterating your enemy without leaving a trace.


Mass as a collectable: 5335.59

Detailed stats:

Hit points: 3000

Made from:

pTrans panels (x1)

Depository blueprints (x1)

Munitions depot AI (x1)

Munitions warhead protocol (x1)

Large oid composite frame (x1)

Total oids and minerals required to build:

Deltoid (x9)

Epsiloid (x12)

Zetoid (x9)

Yetrinium (x6)

Sahnine (x6)


Prototype S-77 wd-missile

M.M.B.H. Missile

Thermogenic ignitor missile

Prototype S-77 missile

System corrupter wd-missile

System corrupter missile

Latency aggravator wd-missile

Latency aggravator missile

Corrosion infector wd-missile

Corrosion infector missile

Ultra impact wd-missile

High impact wd-missile

Gear-grinder wd-missile

Gear-grinder long range missile

Gear-grinder mid range missile

Gear-grinder short range missile

Tri-angular impulse range-E missile

Tri-angular impulse long range missile

Tri-angular impulse mid range-E missile

Tri-angular impulse mid range missile

Tri-angular impulse short range-E missile

Tri-angular impulse short range missile

Dual-angular impulse long range-E missile

Dual-angular impulse long range missile

Dual-angular impulse mid range-E missile

Dual-angular impulse mid range missile

Dual-angular impulse short range-E missile

Dual-angular impulse short range missile

Armor piercing mid range-H missile

Armor piercing short range-H missile

Armor piercing long range-E missile

Armor piercing long range missile

Armor piercing mid range-E missile

Armor piercing mid range missile

Armor piercing short range-E missile

Armor piercing short range missile

Basic mid range-H missile

Basic short range-H missile

Basic long range-E missile

Basic long range missile

Basic mid range-E missile

Basic mid range missile

Basic short range-E missile

Basic short range missile