Utility drone armory


The Utility drone armory is home to the incredible Utility drone. These drones, although weak in armour, make it up by way of their versatility and constantly growing knowledge of the ever-changing environment around them. Scientists have spent many years developing the RECOG AI for this Armory as it was the prototype for the Military drone armory's highly intricate weapons system protocols. This is the only Armory capable of developing the specialized drones. You mustn't give it up to the enemy.


Mass as a collectable: 3488.58

Detailed stats:

Hit points: 3000

Made from:

pTrans panels (x1)

Depository blueprints (x1)

Utility armory AI (x1)

Utility armory launch bay (x1)

Medium oid frame (x1)

Total oids and minerals required to build:

Deltoid (x8)

Epsiloid (x12)

Zetoid (x4)

Yetrinium (x1)

Uhritite (x1)


Utility drone