Military drone armory


All military drones are created from this factory except for the Juggernaut. Build them strong and build them fast. For what is to come will only grow as you do. Stay ahead and stay alert, build your army to defend your industry and hold off the enemy long enough to survive as along as you can.


Mass as a collectable: 5492.01

Detailed stats:

Hit points: 3000

Made from:

pTrans panels (x1)

Depository blueprints (x1)

Defense armory AI (x1)

Defense armory launch bay (x1)

Large oid composite frame (x1)

Total oids and minerals required to build:

Deltoid (x9)

Epsiloid (x14)

Zetoid (x11)

Yetrinium (x3)

Sahnine (x3)


B.O.M.S. Missile silo

Laser turret

High velocity laser turret

High range laser turret

High heat laser turret

Dual emission laser turret

Angular impulse laser turret

Countermeasure defence system

Countermeasure trigger defence system

Defender drone

Warmachine drone

Scout drone

Tank drone

Commander drone