Foundry depot


Using its inherent abilities to morph with Oids enhancing its own genetic code, scientists have created a refining process in which Minerals are combined and augmented to boost their properties ten-fold.


Mass as a collectable: 4094.89

Detailed stats:

Hit points: 2000

Made from:

pTrans panels (x1)

Depository blueprints (x1)

Foundry depot AI (x1)

Medium oid composite frame (x1)

Foundry synthesizer (x1)

Total oids and minerals required to build:

Deltoid (x6)

Epsiloid (x12)

Zetoid (x6)

Uhritite (x4)

Sahnine (x4)


pTrans RECOG

Mainframe RECOG

Mainframe signals receptor

Juggernaut armory RECOG

Juggernaut armory specs

Defense armory RECOG

Munitions unit RECOG

Active warhead agents

Thermal fusion RECOG

Thermal fusion stabilizers

Central reprocessing RECOG

Reverse engineering RECOG

Reprocessing system interface

Reverse engineering systems interface

Assembly unit RECOG

Foundry unit RECOG

Elemental unit RECOG

Assembly system interface

Mineral deposit analyzer

Elemental deposit analyzer

Teleportation system RECOG

Teleportation stabilizers

Generator unit RECOG


Utility drone armory RECOG

R & D exchange RECOG

R & D exchange definitions

Terminal activation RECOG

pTrans circuit RECOG

Security gateway RECOG

Structural barrier RECOG

Storage containment RECOG

B.O.M.S. Systems integration

B.O.M.S. Launch codes

Thermal coolant injectors

Laser mount splitter

Laser impulse beam modifier

High capacity energy transfer

Advanced energy converter

Armored energy fortification

Thermal pump system

Thermal drainage system

Countermeasure detonator

Countermeasure detectors

Laser chip explosive amplifier

Laser chip range extender

Laser chip velocity multiplier

Mechanical echo protocol

Mechanical displace protocol

Mechanical recoil protocol

Teleport dispenser protocol

Teleport conveyor protocol

Teleport acquirer protocol

Medium capacity energy transfer

Optimized energy converter

Tri-pulse terminal adapter

Duo-pulse terminal adapter

Split circuit terminal adapter

Echo circuit terminal adapter

Time delay terminal adapter

pTrans alternate circuit adapter

pTrans full circuit adapter

pTrans split circuit adapter

Enhanced energy fortification

Low capacity energy transfer

Energy converter

Terminal signal extender

Terminal activator

Terminal circuit connectors

Terminal protocol

pTrans circuit protocol

pTrans extension

Energy fortification

Storage containment protocol

Prototype S-77 wd-formula

M.M.B.H. Formula

Thermogenic ignitor formula

Prototype S-77 formula

System corrupter wd-formula

System corrupter formula

Latency aggravator wd-formula

Latency aggravator formula

Corrosion infector wd-formula

Corrosion infector formula

Ultra impact wd-formula

High impact wd-formula

Gear-grinder wd-formula

Gear-grinder long range formula

Gear-grinder mid range formula

Gear-grinder short range formula

Tri-angular impulse range-E formula

Tri-angular impulse long range formula

Tri-angular impulse mid range-E formula

Tri-angular impulse mid range formula

Tri-angular impulse short range-E formula

Tri-angular impulse short range formula

Dual-angular impulse long range-E formula

Dual-angular impulse long range formula

Dual-angular impulse mid range-E formula

Dual-angular impulse mid range formula

Dual-angular impulse short range-E formula

Dual-angular impulse short range formula

Armor piercing mid range-H formula

Armor piercing short range-H formula

Armor piercing long range-E formula

Armor piercing long range formula

Armor piercing mid range-E formula

Armor piercing mid range formula

Armor piercing short range-E formula

Armor piercing short range formula

Basic mid range-H formula

Basic short range-H formula

Basic long range-E formula

Basic long range formula

Basic mid range-E formula

Basic mid range formula

Basic short range-E formula

Basic short range formula

Nuclear formula

Rapid decay formula

Root virus formula

Charged explosive formula

Explosive formula

Juggernaut protocol: Seek & Destroy

Juggernaut drone RECOG

Juggernaut part XC94-B

Juggernaut drone processor

Juggernaut drone regen enhancer

Commander drone RECOG

Commander protocol: The Motivator

Drone control override

Tank shield generated amplifier

Tank drone RECOG

Scout drone RECOG

Warmachine drone RECOG

Defender drone RECOG

Utility drone RECOG