Storage containment unit


The Storage containment unit will hold all of your findings brought by the Utility drones. These drones will also remove from the Storage what you request of them when building your industry. Even though these units hold much, ensure you have ample space for all that you will discover, or you'll soon see your Utility drones reject what they collect as there won't be any more room.


Mass as a collectable: 1827.39

Detailed stats:

Hit points: 150

Made from:

pTrans panels (x1)

pTrans protector plates (x1)

Small oid frame (x1)

Storage containment bay (x1)

Total oids and minerals required to build:

Alphoid (x3)

Betoid (x3)

Deltoid (x4)

Epsiloid (x4)

Yetrinium (x1)

Uhritite (x2)