Juggernaut drone


The Juggernaut is an ultra-high-powered fighting machine, able to carry the largest payload as compared to any other drone. With numerous laser cannons this drone is nearly unstoppable. What it lacks in speed, it makes up for in firepower. Of all the defensive drones in your arsenal, this one has yet to be perfected by the Utility drones; therefore, you will have to take one down before building one yourself.

Automated drone

Military class

Detailed stats:

Max HP: 10000

Regen HP: 250.00

Damage resistance: 20.00 %

Thruster speed: 50.00 %

Laser targets: 8

Laser range: 12.00

Laser rate: 0.30

Laser damage: 50

Missile targets: 1

Missile rate: 1.50

Ammo capacity: 200

XP worth at Military Class IV: 2000

XP to reach Military Class III: 4699

XP to reach Military Class II: 10727

XP to reach Military Class I: 16804

Available slot type A: 2

Available slot type B: 6

Available slot type D: 3

Available slot type E: 2

Available slot type F: 2

Made from:

Drone defense system (x1)

Juggernaut drone body (x1)

Juggernaut regen amplifier (x1)

Juggernaut drone AI (x1)

Juggernaut experimental XC94-SD (x1)

Total oids and minerals required to build:

Alphoid (x1)

Betoid (x1)

Zetoid (x12)

Etoid (x2)

Thetoid (x6)

Uhritite (x13)

Suhbiniac (x4)

Pyatcolite (x6)

Lyotribillium (x5)