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They are coming...

Machines from the far reaches of deep space are using a new technology known as Advanced Cognitive Relay, a.k.a., RECOG. They mimic what they see with a mere scan, exploit the weakness of their enemies and retaliate with a force beyond comprehension, destroying everything in their path.

And they are headed this way...

We hold the advantage as human beings, capable of feeling, capable of reasoning and capable of ingenuity. We don't mimic creation, we are the creators and we will create a defense system so great, that nothing will penetrate through our barriers. We will destroy the RECOGs before they enter our galaxy and take our homes.

We must stand strong...

Hiring the best and the brightest to build an army that does not just imitate what it sees, but can turn a lifeless terrain into a fortified stronghold. Skilled in self-regeneration, growth and adaptation to keep on learning, allowing it to staying three steps ahead of the enemy RECOGs. Never tiring, never backing down, always pushing forward.

Your Mission...

As deep space mission control auxiliary, you are in charge of the implementation and management process of the RECOG project. With a care package from Earth, you are to build an industrial complex, defending the terrain from the enemy RECOGs. Dig deep in the landscape to uncover precious minerals and oids in order to create your stronghold. Be conscious in your decisions and prioritize the construction wisely. For the more advanced you become, the enemy RECOGs will mimic and react accordingly, focused on destroying what you are working so hard to create.

Earth is counting on you...

Scientists have been studying the minerals and oids in deep space for many years, and have discovered these precious rocks are of high interest to others within the far reaches of the galaxies. The potential for universal conquest is beyond imagination; however, knowing that there are groups with a desire to use these minerals and oids for their own personal gain, we mustn't allow this to happen. Take to the skies, travel deep beyond our universe, build and defend, for the safety and security of all depends on you.


Welcome to the RECOG project


We have received signals from our deep space auxiliary satellites indicating an unknown threat determined to bring a devastating new order to galaxies near and afar. Identified using a new technology known as Advanced Cognitive Relay, a.k.a. RECOG, confirmed Intel from distressed galaxies report this technology allows the infused to "learn and adapt beyond comprehension in order to overthrow and conquer". With this invaluable information acquired, we are now able to assess the trajectory of the threat, and have determined the path of destruction; they are heading towards Earth. It is unknown at this time what their main objective is; we can only fear the worst.


Based on what we have learned from our allies, the best course of action to take is in the creation our own RECOG technology, infuse it into highly sophisticated starships and send them into deep space for the interception and annihilation of this new threat. Caution is advised; once the RECOG is embedded, it cannot be removed.

Mission Analysis:

To ensure success, this mission will be broken down into 3 phases. Mission Control Auxiliary will take command at Phase 3.

Phase 1:

RECOG creation and infusion into two specially designed starships. All deep space protocols will be "learned" by the RECOG AI and programmed prior to departure.

Phase 2:

The launch and successful landing of all starships as well as all cargo on board to a predetermined terrain of interest, close to the forward area of the threat.

Phase 3:

Once the starships have arrived, Mission Control Auxiliary will take command and commence long-term stability protocols with the starship drones to solidify and maintain a sustainable defensive stronghold. They will also create a new fleet of RECOG infused starships, based on what they learn from the enemy, to ensure space supremacy, warding off the imminent attack on Earth.

Enemy Analysis:

What we have come to know of this new threat is that the RECOG technology in their system has given them a heightened sense of understanding. They are in favor of a more logical sense of being, to the point of eradicating what doesn't seem to fit in their grand design of the multiverse. Preservation is their key motivator, and they are determined to ensure their survival, no matter the cost. An extreme warning is in effect, as the enemy RECOG's main attack strategy is to enhance their own weapon system by learning, matching, then exceeding aggressor's weapon structure. Our RECOG starships must always be ahead of them, or all is lost.

RECOG technology:

The RECOG technology itself as we have come to learn, is that it is a self-sustaining life force in the heart of the AI it is embedded into. Based on the natural AI's root consciousness, the RECOG, widens the spectrum of capable learning. As opposed to a program who might simply "learn" from doing and adapt to it, this tech actually "teaches" itself and its kind, formulating new ways of development, a type of "brain" technology if you will. If an infused AI feels threatened regarding its one understanding, it will retaliate. The RECOG technology we have designed for our own starships, although not identical to that of the enemy, has given us new hope in a peaceful, and protected future. Our main concern, is the possibility of even our own RECOGs turning against us. Due to the urgency of its creation and because of the threat, we have no choice but to allow its existence so close to home.

Starship Analysis:

Intel has secured imagery of 6 enemy starships identified as the threat on the other galaxies. With unknown true names to identify our aggressors, we have dubbed them:

The Defender:

fast and durable, with light to medium firepower.

The Warmachine:

Slower than the Defender, although with missile capabilities, this drone is very powerful.

The Scout:

Extremely light and agile. It was learned that this drone has a cloaking ability as well as long range firepower.

The Tank:

Slower than the Warmachine, this drone apparently took on a large army on its own...and won. This one has attitude.

The Commander:

Named as such because of how the RECOG decided to turn this drone into a leader with the ability to control others near it.

The Juggernaut:

We have learned only from recorded paths of destruction regarding this one. Intel identifies this drone as a superpower which can wipeout civilizations all on its own.

It is unclear if the enemy had maintained this "look" since its advancement on the galaxies, or if they had already heard of our preparations for the retaliation and have mimicked our designs.

Support Analysis:

We are sending up a unique RECOG called the Utility Drone. Intel says that the enemy does not know about this. It is therefore our safeguard and must be protected at all costs. This starship will build the industrial complex as outlined in phase 3 of the mission as well as the 6 RECOGs equal to the enemy. Note that it has no defensive weapon systems, only strategies for self preservation. We must not let this drone fall to the enemy.

Auxiliary Support:

The Preemptive Alternate Line Support a.k.a. PALS. Is our only external support. Based on the understanding that the decommissioning process must be done at close range, this support system will identify incoming enemy and destroy them. Due to the nature of this weapon and it's response time it is incapable of defending Earth on its own. As of now it will only provide support as often as it can to aid in the mission.

Terrain Analysis:

Charted deep space has located numerous asteroid type terrains near the enemy's entry points. Intel has learned that these terrains are rich in minerals that also happen to be a important factor in the RECOG technology. It is for this reason that we are able to create new technology in deep space. As the enemy is aware of this, their detection capabilities will pick up our RECOG signatures immediate upon arrival, as its signature differs from the natural terrain we will arrive on. Our RECOGs have learned to use this new terrain as a means for the industry as well as the future starships.

Time Analysis:

We have identified time as Cycles. This is to be able to log and document the findings and events which are taking place in deep space. As much as we are trying to correlate the two, a cycle in time does not correspond well to our Earth time due to the unexplained phenomena plaguing the galaxies.

Other considerations:

With the rise of this new threat and the creation of the RECOG, we must take into consideration that other life forms might also be interested in accepting a RECOG infusion. We must advise against it. Persuade other civilizations that it is not an opportunity for growth as of yet. We must study the RECOG technology further before a full implementation. Once our own RECOGS return from their successful mission, we will be extremely cautious, as we are delving with unfamiliarities.

Mission Control - Out -

Mission Control Auxiliary - Establishing Connection -