My first in-game experience with Resident Evil 4

My first gaming experience with Resident Evil 4 was in May 2006. Even though I had the first 3 games under the old Play Station, this was the first horror and CG game I ever completed on Play Station 2. But the process it was not easy. thanks to my character. Leon Scott Kennedy was killed 64 times before he finally won the match.

The reason I stay with its predecessor is that, compared to it, the controls are much easier to operate. Besides, I’m operating from Leon on the perspective of his shoulders.

This story marks Leon’s return 6 years after his meeting with Resident Evil 2. This time he was no longer a police cadet, but a government agent directly under the US president. But, like his last mission, he rescues the kidnapped daughter of the president, Ashley Graham.

His mission took him to El Pasco – a rural village in Spain.

What began as a routine adventure ended in violent clashes with the villagers who suddenly became very aggressive. Leon survived, but 2 of his local police escorts were killed.

He later learns from the support of Ingrid Hunnigan’s help desk that the villagers are part of the new cult Los Illuminados led by Salazar and Osmand Saddler – 2 powerful masters after being infected with the Las Plagas virus.

It seems that this virus kills their former sinuses and takes over their bodies, thus increasing their aggression and speed. Ashley was locked up in their church.

Initially, Leon started with just one weapon, 10 bullets and a fighting knife. But as the game progresses, and if you hold on longer, you can earn money, meet merchants, and buy or switch to more powerful weapons, such as semi-automatic rifles, machine guns, mine throwers, and even rocket launchers.

After you finish the game, not only will you have to save your weapons, but you will have to take them too, if you decide to play again. There will also be 3 bonus Wii games unlocked.

Leon is not completely alone in this mission, even though he is the main character. In addition to merchants, he met Ada Wong, whom he also met in the second game and the former local police officer Luis Sera. Also, after rescuing Ashley, he must coordinate with her in overcoming certain enemies and obstacles to move forward.

The first stage is the village I have already mentioned.

After Leon defeats the village chief, who is also a formidable enemy, he and Ashley will move to the Castle, where they will face cult monks, more aggressive creatures, more deadly obstacles, and Overlord Salazar. .

The final stage will be a military base on an isolated island. The welding command with rods and crossbows and JJ’s sub-chief of combat weapons make up most of the enemy. In addition, Leon will face his former comrades who have now turned into traitors Jack Krauser and Osmand Saddler in the final show.

That being said, Resident Evil 4 is definitely one of the best games I’ve played. The story, the music and the action scenes are great, as are the bonus games.

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